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May 2nd, 2013, 21:12
I like the idea of trying a different take on the visuals than what we saw in blade runner - while I like it, some of it really can date the scifi elements. If they're updating the alternate history and science fiction elements to reflect more of an extrapolation from current day design aesthetics and technology, it makes sense.

I am not sure how I feel about them thinking tarantino for inspiration. To me that conjures even older visual styles from the 70's and earlier periods. I think I'd prefer aspects of modern science fiction adaptations visual design from ghost in the shell to deus-ex human-revolution over anything I'd describe as reminding me of Tarantino, but that just might be the films I associate with him. Not complaining about those, just seems incongruous.

I didn't really expect "dice rolls" to be in so much as dice rolls are stand-ins for stuff computers can do in more complex and less obtrusive ways. I hope they don't mean that to suggest as significant of a deemphasization of the "build" side of character creation/development as it might sound. If they're emphasizing that a skill value and random number won't cause a point-blank shot to miraculously miss defying all physical plausibility… well I don't think anyone seriously expected a daggerfall-inspired combat system. If they mean that the technical side of character creation and development does not noticeably effect combat performance, that's dissapointing.

I was hoping for something at least in the neighborhood of Deus Ex. Maybe, if your background might imply some general combat training and decent cybernetics, the baseline accuracy and spread shouldn't resemble that of a Parkinson's patient. I do hope though that the non-combat skills a least open up meaningful options and are well developed if they're de-emphasizing the PnP-like aspects of the character sheet's role in combat.

I do like the idea that behavior and attitude - including that which is communicated by how you style your appearance - are meant to play a significant role in how people interact with you. It's always weird to go around in an RPG with a character that looks like death come on black wings and have people talk to you as though you're just some guy. Would be refreshing that if you're character looks like the terminator's angry cousin that people treat him as at least worrisome and disturbingly out of place walking into a restaurant.
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