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May 2nd, 2013, 22:32
The teaser was very Blade Runner -esque. It would be great if they would use that aesthetic. The thing is, I can't really think of even one game that would have done a Blade Runner -esque world properly, except for the 90's Blade Runner adventure game. Sure, you can see BR's influences in many games - It is after all arguably the most visually influental sci-fi film ever made. But nobody has attempted even a half-assed re-creation of the BR world. With its monolith buildings, constant rain, spinners, multi-generational and multi-national architecture and culture, etc.

The Hong Kong segment in Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes the closest. But even on that the color palette makes it look completely different. And it's really more of a combination of many different Cyberpunk influences, instead of being truly Blade Runner -esque.

What I'm essentially saying is, that I would like to play in the world that they show in the teaser.
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