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May 2nd, 2013, 22:52
Originally Posted by tuukka View Post
The teaser was very Blade Runner -esque. It would be great if they would use that aesthetic. The thing is, I can't really think of even one game that would have done a Blade Runner -esque world properly, except for the 90's Blade Runner adventure game. Sure, you can see BR's influences in many games - It is after all arguably the most visually influental sci-fi film ever made. But nobody has attempted even a half-assed re-creation of the BR world. With its monolith buildings, constant rain, spinners, multi-generational and multi-national architecture and culture, etc.

What I'm essentially saying is, that I would like to play in the world that they show in the teaser.
Yeah the city-scape was pretty blade-runner esque but I liked how the design of some of the scifi elements deviated strongly from that. For example the intricate and cleaner styling of the cybernetics displayed as opposed to everything having wires, tubes, and buttons times ten or bordering on grotesque.
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