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May 2nd, 2013, 22:56
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
I like how I have an old post predicting this is exactly what AMD would do when the purchased ATI, and that it'd be perfect for consoles…..
It would also be perfect for gaming pc's. That's why they're utilizing it in an upcoming product line aimed at pc gaming. Depending on the strength of the processor that releases alongside the system boards, they might finally knock Intel off the high spots on benchmarks for gaming pcs.

Probably a good while away from being able to get a high-end PC CPU+GPU+APU all on one die though but it does at least have enough potential to be worth watching. For PC users, the greater ability to use GPU compute alongside graphics intensive processes could be interesting as well particularly because of how it might be used to accelerate AI processes.


The idea has been around for a while but the hUMA setup from AMD could greatly reduce the performance hits that have, in part, limited how useful direct-compute applications were in gaming. In general this could allow for some greater degree of direct-compute utilization alongside moderate-high GPU utilization for graphics operations without additional hits on performance. That would be most specifically relevant to potential AI uses of Open CL or CUDA than physics calculations - which can be frustratingly difficult to budget shared GPU computing time/power for since you don't necessarily have a good way of predicting how long or how complex finding a solution is going to be without starting to calculate it.

So in 5 years or so when this sort of setup might be common in mid-range gaming systems and up (with some competing alternatives from nVidia and/or intel) a system based around something like hUMA might not only see better realized performance/gflop but also more sophisticated AI and more impressive physics without those taking a bite out of performance.
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