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May 3rd, 2013, 01:34
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Not really intersted in an ultra clean sci fi environment ala a ME or KotoR clone. I've seen enough of that. I'd prefer something more atmospheric like Bladerunner.
Well what I said I appreciated is how elements deviated from the style to contrast with it rather than that I preferred the style outright. I think a piece of technology which would represent the cutting edge design for something within the setting should look out of place against that environmental design - because it is. A bugatti veyron looks dramatically out of place in a parking lot full of 1980's honda civics and volvo wagons - because it is.

That's why I appreciate what they did with the design of the cybernetics displayed in that scene. Even against most of the other scifi elements present, the notably sleeker and cleaner look stood out as out of place. This communicates some very different than if the character were styled in a similar chunky gritty look to the officers' equipment. Its kind of like how the scenes in Blade Runner involving the Voight Kampff machine were shot. Although its design wasn't so radically different from some other scifi props used elsewhere, they were always careful to shoot those scenes such that it was clearly the "most scifi" thing in the room. Underneath a ceiling fan that could have been from the 1950's, the supposed newness and oddness of the Voight Kampff machine was effectively communicated to the audience from the first frame.

While the Voight Kampff machine was able to stand out despite not starkly deviating from the cyber-noire design stylings of many of the more day to day scifi props in the rest of the movie, you have to do something different to acheive the same contrast in a game like this. Here you probably don't have the luxury of communicating which scifi elements are unusual even within your setting by sticking them in a stark room. Having an element or object be far more elegent and sleek compared to other clearly sci-fi elements sharing the scene is an effective way of allowing the player to experience how they would stand out to characters within the setting.

So I'm not saying the design styling of blade runner wouldn't belong in the game. I actually think it works particularly well as a background/ambient style because it so effectively contrasts with sleeker or more minimalist designs in a way which communicates that they are both unusual and perhaps also very new. I'm saying it's important that there are distinct and radically different styles which will carry appropriate connotations. A blade runner visual style would be fine for the background scifi elements in the slums though and I do think the clean sleek look would actually be a far worst choice as some sort of base-line or norm as it would kind of ruin the opportunity to highlight the lone bugatti in the lot of the volvo dealership.
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