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May 3rd, 2013, 01:57
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Woah, you're speaking my language. I'm a horrible packrat in games. In real life, I hate extra crap, so it really doesn't make sense.
Yeah I also tend to go full-on hoarder in video games if they let me. Probably something I learned growing up on games like the latter Ultimas (U7 and UUW II in particular). By the end of games like those I'd have entire containers devoted to food, others devoted to valuables, piles of random keys, and others whose sole purpose was to store any odd and apparently unique items that may or may not end up being important. I basically learned to assume that anything unusual would have a use and that while most would only have one use that if you threw any away it would inevitably prove to be critical to advancing the plot later on.

Oh here's them being asked the whole loot question and how they actually answered it (video queued to relevant point):


So yes there's inventory and there are things to pick up - just no loot dropping from NPCs unless its specific object/objects obtainable that way. From the discussion it sounds like there may be a point for example where a keycard might optionally be obtained by killing an NPC who has it.
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