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May 3rd, 2013, 02:13
Ah, but City of Heroes didn't force you to group! Well, not much anyway. What it did was instance almost all the interesting content. If you go into your mission with six people, the spawns were set for six people. If half the group left the team then you would turn a corner and, poof! The spawns are all set for three people! Even when outdoors in non-instanced hazard areas, enemy spawns would be bigger if there was a large team around.

There were some story finales that had a boss that would just be too much for some specialized classes but my scrapper could play solo or in groups or even switch between the two mid-mission with no trouble at all! Great stuff.

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Though actually, in rebuttal to Zloth: I don't know how it functioned at launch, but there are lots of reasons to group up in TOR for normal leveling if you so desire. You earn social points, get a group-wide XP boost, and all instances (even regular story quests) are automatically set to a harder difficulty with the inclusion of tougher elite enemies. I've been leveling a character with a couple friends this way, and we've been having a blast.
Maybe things changed? Social points and xp boosts were there but story quests (instanced or not) did not change at all when grouped. I was playing with just one other guy and we would slaughter everything easily. Heck, most of it wasn't all that hard solo, having two made us basically unstoppable. Heaven forbid playing with four people at once! There were heroic areas that were good fun but they were tiny little things you could get through in an hour or less.

If I'm going to do the story missions solo then I would rather it not be an MMO at all. Other people just get in the way, so why have them there?
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