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May 3rd, 2013, 05:29
OK Impressions after several hours of play… these are just *initial* impressions and my early observations which may change as I get deeper into the game. I'm sure this will rub some the wrong way but here we go:

  • fast and mobile combat keeps thing interesting
  • graphics are very impressive, very high production values
  • never boring and gameplay is certainly challenging. Very challenging really.
  • playing solo as an engineer is pretty tactical and fun. Many build options!
  • Events are a nice mechanic, makes the world feel alive
  • mobs scale in number (quantity) based on number of players present, so its never too easy

  • So far there is a total lack of tactics in group play. The mobility works against class based role play so it turns into a free for all brawl. There are no real tanks vs. DPS vs. healer.
  • too many magic flash effects hinder group combat tactics (if any) in close quarters
  • Its very much an "action" based rpg
  • The quest system is very streamlined. You get quests based on proximity to the quest area so there is no quest log per se. Your progress is tracked but if you leave the proximity the quest vanishes until you return. The bad side of all this is that by necessity you get very simplistic MMO cookie cutter quests. They have to be that way, because you don't have a log to browse so the game doesn't challenge you to remember anything. Forget about multipart quests. Interesting approach however…
  • Not much of a story

Overall I think the game is fun and serves as a fun diversion so I'm glad I bought it. That said it is no replacement for the older established best of breed MMO's such as Wow, DDO, Lotro etc. It just seems to lack depth on a broad range of stuff (story, quest complexity, group combat tactics) compared to the older established MMOs. It is however, simply cool sh*t.
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