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May 3rd, 2013, 08:05
I really hate to be a jerk, but Mars: War Logs is a pretty solid game for what it is, and it deserves far better than to be butchered by an unqualified "reviewer" like Fluent - someone who has little background or knowledge of the genre, obvious bias, and little credibility. Why not coax Dartagnan, JDR, Pessimeister, Ghanburigan, or someone else of that ilk to review an RPG for the watch? It would be much more informative for users of the site and a lot more fair to the game being analyzed to have credible forum users like these write reviews instead of the first volunteer to raise his hand.

For what's it's worth, Mars has some rough edges, but it also has some neat ideas that come together pretty well (like the crafting system), a unique atmosphere (the best comparison I can think of is a bit of a cross between Blade Runner and Fallout), and a fairly entertaining and challenging combat system. While some of the side-quests haven't exactly been that great, and the English translation is a bit awkward at times (though never so bad as to be completely confusing or obtuse), the main story is reasonably well developed while avoiding the typical Mass Effect-style "you are the chosen one to save the universe!" cliche. There is also a decent amount of choice and consequence, and while it doesn't approach the likes of Fallout 1 &2, Arcanum, The Witcher, or Alpha Protocol in this regard, it has more of an effort put into player choice than most AAA RPGs. It's certainly not perfect or as fleshed out as it could be, but for $20, Mars offers very good value for those looking for a unique sci-fi role-playing experience - something that is all too rare in the genre.
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