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May 3rd, 2013, 14:27
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
Ah, but City of Heroes didn't force you to group! Well, not much anyway. What it did was instance almost all the interesting content. If you go into your mission with six people, the spawns were set for six people. If half the group left the team then you would turn a corner and, poof! The spawns are all set for three people! Even when outdoors in non-instanced hazard areas, enemy spawns would be bigger if there was a large team around.
Maybe it didn't, but to me it was 200 times more fun tackling an instance with a full group. Solo you would fight either groups of 3 minions, 1 minion and a 'lieutenant' or a mini-boss, all usually easy for anybody except controllers back when I played. But in groups you really didn't know what you would find on each encounter, and different team compositions meant different strategies… fighting 20 mobs with 2 tanks, 2 defenders and 2 blasters wasn't the same as one with 2 scrappers, a blaster and 2 controllers. Every afternoon I played meant I had to adapt to different scenarios… and I loved that!
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