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May 3rd, 2013, 16:50
Originally Posted by AppleIntimidation View Post
It seems like a book and not really even a game. Is it even a game?
Not far into it yet, but the interactive book aspect is very strong. It does have just the right amount of text for every little choice (although I'm sure that's highly subjective). Other systems I've encountered are rpgish but very light weight. We'll have to see.

Originally Posted by AppleIntimidation View Post
Speaking of ich, i really think that mount and blade should be ported to the pad.
It would be terrible. The whole control scheme would translate horribly. You're like a dog that you have to keep popping on the nose wise a rolled up newspaper over and over again.

If the best the platform can hope for is a port of other systems games, then its already dead as a serious gaming platform.
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