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May 4th, 2013, 09:41
I'm kinda taking a break with GW2 now. Maybe I've stopped for good.

Hard to put my finger on this game - as in REALLY hard. In some ways, it's really the best MMO out there right now - but in other ways, it's among the very worst of them.

My original impression wasn't as inaccurate as I thought - and in fact, I think I was spot on for the most part - EXCEPT I had no idea what kind of love and passion that was poured into crafting the world, the classes, the exploration and so on.

It's simply that the overall design of the game just doesn't jive with me - ultimately. This despite me liking many of their ideas.

I think it has to do with me being a solo player - at least I am in this game. I've had no interest or desire to group up - because there's really no dedicated group content apart from dungeons - and since they don't have a dungeon finder (I have a love/hate relationship with those) - it means a lot of work getting a group together for a dungeon that doesn't really reward you with anything but new skins.

I'm having a very hard time investing myself in the story - even though I realise there's a reason things are happening. But I don't think it's a good idea that I have to go around and talk to NPCs (complete strangers for the most part) to get the idea. While it may be more natural in terms of realism - it doesn't work to drive you forward or to get you invested.

Since the game is very much about experiencing all of the content at your personal whim - I feel like I'm moving from area to area without having any real idea what's going on and why I'm doing things.

While I enjoy the dailies and the map completion - it's more like a job than a calling. It's crossing things off a list - it's not doing what my heart is telling me.

That brings me to the very core of the issue I seem to be having with GW2 - my heart isn't telling me anything. There's absolutely nothing in the game that I really want to achieve. There's no goal I can set for myself - because none of the goals appeal to me that much.

Oh, I'd love to get my hands on the legendary weapons - because I think they're AMAZINGLY well done, visually. But since it's nothing more than a skin - and since there's no way to stand out in the world - I really don't see the point.

There's no world PvP - and WvWvW doesn't engage me. You're just a stranger amongst strangers - and without a guild, it's just pointless.

But it's really, really unfortunate - because if the overall design had appealed to me more - it would have been a fantastic MMO.

If they could make games like Darkfall: Unholy Wars that played and looked like GW2 - I would be in heaven.

Sadly, I just don't think GW2 is for me once I stop to think about it. It has a fantastic flow and feel - and it's just entertaining in a way that's unlike any other MMO out there - but it's also the most pointlessly shallow design in the AAA MMO space.

Games like SWtOR, Secret World, Age of Conan - all have much better storytelling to motivate you to play to the end. Games like WoW, Rift - and so on have a LOT more unique end-game content. Games like Darkfall, EvE, UO - all have what I consider meaningful player-driven sandbox elements throughout the game.

They really need to combine all of those to get the genre to move forward - at least for me.

With all that said, at least I can now appreciate why so many people love GW2. I couldn't see that before - I really couldn't. Now, I see the talent and passion behind the team. It's just that they have a COMPLETELY different idea about what constitutes a meaningful MMO experience. As in, they're almost directly opposite my own position.

I find it really interesting that people can have that amount of skill/talent/passion and yet have such an alternate concept of the genre. I guess that means there really is no right way to make a game….




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