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May 4th, 2013, 15:14
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
I can't really contest anything you wrote - other than challenge your perspective. As a traditional MMO you have legitimate issues with it. But what about as a Single Player game with group content and as an action RPG with a strong class/skills system with crafting? I agree it falls short measured against the MMO heavies, but when I modify my perspective and change the measure I see some brilliance here. I think GW2 was designed to be both less and more. As you say, it will not replace the others. Perhaps it was never meant to?
As a singleplayer game with group content it fails because the narrative isn't compelling and the personal stories are downright awful for the most part.

My personal preference when it comes to a game functioning as a singleplayer game - demands a compelling reason to keep playing until the end, and I also demand an actual ending. I've never understood the appeal of playing a singleplayer game without an ending. So, not only can I not find a good story or any truly meaningful goals - I also face no end in sight - meaning everything I accomplish is very obviously temporary - which is not the kind of feeling I want from a singleplayer game.

As a multiplayer game - I do understand the appeal of competition and achievements requiring coordinated group play. My personal preference when it comes to an MMO demands that there's a reason to level up my character beyond simply getting to the cap. I want perspective - some goals that I consider meaningful. Examples of this would be world PvP with actual objectives and player-driven economies. EVE Online is a good example of this, except the core gameplay is dull as dish water and there's a massive lack of appealing and unique content.

So, GW2 fails in both ways - to me.

The primary issue isn't the content - which is quite fantastic, but the presentation of the content. If the personal story had been compelling in any way (and it REALLY is not) - or the various areas had managed to present actual narratives that you'd want to invest in and follow through to the end - I think I would have played it until cap - and possibly a bit beyond the cap. I've tried talking to all the NPCs involved in events - but all I got from that were bits and pieces, totally lacking the complete picture. Beyond that, the game inspires you to move from area to area - and as such, you quickly forget all about what happened in that other area you just came from. That's been my experience, anyway.

The living story is a very interesting idea - but again, I think the execution is awful. I really tried finding the right people and talking to them, and all I got from that was that the lands were being invaded by some force. Pretty meaningless to me - and I had real trouble figuring out how to progress. You spend more time figuring out how to contribute than you do actually contributing. The fact that all the content is temporary is beyond stupid. Not because the concept of temporary content is bad, because it's actually a great idea for a living story. The problem is that they CLEARLY don't have the resources to create dynamic content that's actually engaging and which lasts for a significant amount of time. Seems to me they're struggling to put out the minimal amount of stuff as it is - and to have it be available for a limited time only smacks of stubborn refusal to realise their own limitations.

Crafting is fun and well done for short-term entertainment - but like 99% of MMOs out there - it utterly fails to do even the most basic concepts of a good crafting system well. One of the most obvious things a crafting system should provide is a way for the crafter to stand out and a way to provide truly desirable items that very few (if any) crafters can provide. Ways to specialise and TRULY customize your items - both visually and in ways that affect gameplay (doesn't have to be much at all). Almost no MMOs understand how to accomplish that - and instead they make every crafter just another redundant self-provider. They put a master blacksmith on every corner, so to speak.

I have no idea why so few MMOs understand how to do crafting well - but GW2 is unfortunately not an exception. Games like SW:G and Vanguard are among the few MMOs that provide(d) a strong crafting component to compliment the other avenues of gameplay.

So, sadly, GW2 is just not my cup of tea.

The best way to describe it is like being a kid in a candy store - but without ever getting exactly the kind of candy you want - and you never feel sated. You just pick some random colorful piece of candy and go "mmm, tasty" - but not THAT tasty. You soon start to wonder why you're eating all that candy when it's never the kind you really want. You start craving being full - even though you never thought you'd want to.

I'm sure that analogy sounds appealing to a lot of people, despite my issues. That's exactly the kind of people who should be playing GW2 - and not those who find it as hollow and pointless as I've come to find it.




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