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May 4th, 2013, 16:29
We have now all managed to get toons to level 20 to TR so we expect to TR these toons this weekend. That means the future Friday sessions can be on the low levels.

Azraelck: Mirys from bard into a druid
Dte: Klubbir from barbarian into a bard
Peter: Karlpeter from paladin into a fighter
Cm: Kerriakan from cleric into a cleric
Jm: Joyelle from rogue into a sorcerer
Reywind: Leywind from fighter into a fighter
Corwin: Dhedkat from artificer into an artificer

In addition we got a new guildie this weekend (Flerida). She has a level 3 cleric and level 3 ranger at the moment.

So it will be fun if you make a new toon too Alrik. Then you can have company in your runs.
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