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May 4th, 2013, 20:44
Originally Posted by CrazyIrish View Post
If the best the platform can hope for is a port of other systems games, then its already dead as a serious gaming platform.
Considering that iOS is essentially the #1 growing gaming ecosystem in the world right now, it would be hard to call it 'dead' in any way …

… I would use the term 'problematic'.

- Gamers are willing to pay … but >75% of revenues are now from in-app purchases.
- Turn-around on development is expected to be months rather than years, which limits what people are making.
- Making money on an iOS game is a tricky proposition - with thousands of new games every week getting attention is hard.

The problem remains the same as what indies have battled for several years - 'insulting cheapness' and 'the race to the bottom'. I remember Jeff Vogel did an editorial on this even before the iPhone … and he was right.

The prevailing attitude right now is 'your app better be pretty damn special to cost $10'!

And for many of us who have been around for a while, if we saw even a mediocre RPG on sale for $10 we would have immediately bought it!

But think about what a $5 price means for a game budget … assuming 4 people take one year, pay themselves $25k a year (below poverty), and an additional $50k for assets, resources, and marketing/etc … you have a $150k budget. That means ~43,000 copies JUST to break even (with 70% revenue from iTunes)! Not an easy task when the vast majority of titles don't even muster 1,000 sales!
-- Mike
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