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May 4th, 2013, 20:59
I've been commenting and writing up player reviews for various games at Gamespot for 10 years now. Up until recently, practically all I've written has been irrelevant to other readers evidenced by the lack of any kinds of responses. Never get likes, almost never get comments or even challenges to things I write. Like attending a party that nobody remembers you being at (I say that rhetorically, not that it has happened to me… eh… yeah… anyway…).

Recently I posted a very small one sentence comment on a Gamespot article discussing why the new Nintendo console isn't selling well. The article covered various reasons why this seems to be the case but lacked one thing that in my view is a biggie. I wrote, 'Maybe Nintendo should stop making the PRIMARY focus of their new hardware about the controller and make their PRIMARY focus about the games.'

I received dozens of "likes" and comments in support of my assertion and more 'likes' than in the last 10 years combined (because, well, I haven't had any "likes" to begin with so…). It was sort of surreal going into my email program and suddenly seeing dozens of automated messages from Gamespot reading, 'so-and-so likes your comment' as it never has happened before. I thought maybe I had a virus or was being spammed.

Like certain games from certain developers are a day 1 buy for me, no questions asked, usually new consoles from Nintendo are no-brainer purchases for me. But I haven't picked up the Wii U and really feel no compulsion to at this point. For starters, their release line up of games were less than mediocre. The AAA titles starting to trickle out now don't seem to offer much new other than being in HD which I really don't care about personally. And finally, the big albatross in the room is that stupid controller that they've made such a big deal about. It doesn't excite me in any way, shape, or form.

Nintendo isn't the only culprit here. But after learning how to use the Wii controllers, trying out both the Kinect and PS3 motion controller (whatever it's called) I'm really burnt out on it all. The technology is interesting for sure, but the games just suck on these specialized controllers. Now here is the Wii U with yet another controller paradigm and I feel exhausted by how uninterested I am with all these fancy controllers.

I know a lot of you here, like me, play on consoles and wondered what you all think about my assertion that Nintendo has put too much emphasis on controllers in recent years. Is it just me? After the feedback I got from those who are usually mindless zombie masses at Gamespot, I'm thinking maybe no. What do you all think?
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