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May 4th, 2013, 21:06
I feel like Apple's monopoly on distribution hurts the IOS as a serious gaming platform a lot too. Everyone has to sell things in the same mass of cheaply produced titles. If you could have the equivelent of a Steam (with quality control and bigger titles) or GoG (with more specialized titles) then it would help a lot. But it would also mean less money for Apple, at least in the short term.

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Considering that iOS is essentially the #1 growing gaming ecosystem in the world right now, it would be hard to call it 'dead' in any way

I would use the term 'problematic'.

- Gamers are willing to pay but >75% of revenues are now from in-app purchases.
- Turn-around on development is expected to be months rather than years, which limits what people are making.
- Making money on an iOS game is a tricky proposition - with thousands of new games every week getting attention is hard.

The problem remains the same as what indies have battled for several years - 'insulting cheapness' and 'the race to the bottom'. I remember Jeff Vogel did an editorial on this even before the iPhone and he was right.

The prevailing attitude right now is 'your app better be pretty damn special to cost $10'!

And for many of us who have been around for a while, if we saw even a mediocre RPG on sale for $10 we would have immediately bought it!

But think about what a $5 price means for a game budget assuming 4 people take one year, pay themselves $25k a year (below poverty), and an additional $50k for assets, resources, and marketing/etc you have a $150k budget. That means ~43,000 copies JUST to break even (with 70% revenue from iTunes)! Not an easy task when the vast majority of titles don't even muster 1,000 sales!
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