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May 4th, 2013, 21:33
Completely agree.

I bought a Wii and if any of the games couldn't be played easily on the couch (with the Wiimote in one hand & nunchuk in the other), then it was pretty much a game-killer - I'm a fairly lazy 40+ year old who doesn't want to be jumping around after a day at work FFS. Which meant a lot of Wii games had a very short shelf life for me. The most annoying was Skyward Sword (I started a thread on here moaning about it a while ago). That game had all the fun content and exploration sucked out from previous games and a shitty input system imposed on it instead.

No chance I'm going near the Wii U. Why do I want a screen on my controller? Do I want to be looking back and forth from controller to screen? No, it breaks immersion. Does the controller look comfortable to play games with? No it is a big slab of plastic. Nintendo are shoe-horning the games into the tech and people are turning off in droves.

Exactly the same goes for Kinect/Move. I played all the first three Fable games (admittedly there was a declining arc of quality but even the third has some redeeming features). I won't go near Fable: the Journey because of Kinect and it looks like most other people felt the same.
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