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May 5th, 2013, 01:20
Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
The story of this new player made me want to play Darkfalls but not got the time This story is what MMOs are all about,


I prefer to play with friends and I also enjoy PUG as well. You get many idiots and some good players. I have made some good on line friends this way.

ArcheAge - I am on the fence still. Hearing lot of mixed views about it even from some hard core ArcheAge followers who played in the korean betas.
No game is for everyone.

I've heard lots of different things about ArcheAge - but it has a feature-set so rich and a design so bold (considering the competition) that I have absolutely no doubt it's worth checking out. For me, that is.

Also, no matter what people are saying - it does put a rather extreme damper on your enjoyment if you can't understand anything NPCs are saying and if you're playing with heavy lag.




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