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May 5th, 2013, 04:00
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
DoomRL (graphics version) pretty fun rogue like:

Ha ha, made the first episode and first levels of second, very fun. I had heard about DoomRL since a long time, but have this graphic and mildly mouse version is perfect to discover it. At super easiest difficulty it's pretty fun, I still don't understand fully the turns mechanisms and how dodge but it's very fun. Too bad it can't be fullscreen and with a bit bigger graphics. Also the Mac version isn't adapted to my French keyboard, but ok very fun anyway.

After Tome4 with a full graphical game and interface, and few time before Dungeons of Dredmor, that's my period of discovering of original Roguelike, last one was Adom many years ago, great one but very classical approach and I'm not tempted anymore by this approach.

That said I regret DoomRL is permadeath, my character hasn't died yet thanks to the difficulty level, but I bet this will happen and I'm not sure how I'll feel to restart all from the beginning.
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