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May 5th, 2013, 04:39
Hah, oh man.

Fluent can love or hate whatever he wants, who gives a fuck? A reminder:

Originally Posted by Grunker
This game might very well be terrible, this discussion is not about that
The problem is that reviewing is about adequately describing the why and the how of it - informing the reader what is being reviewed, tell the reader what you think of it, and finally the most important part: why you think this and what's important and not.

This is hardly even a review, it's just a collection of random thoughts better suited for a forum post. The review contradicts itself, it fails to paints a complete picture of its subject matter, and most importantly it fails informing the user of its own reasoning.

This isn't about whether the game is good or not - as I said it could be shit for all I know - it's about a site claiming to be about "substance" (in contrast to the 'dex apparantly) that will still host someone's hardly organized scribbles as an official Game Review.

Tsk tsk.
Originally Posted by Corwin
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