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May 5th, 2013, 08:50
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
Fluent if you get a chance on a free weekend you should give the game a try. No of offense to Dart as his opinions are thoughtful, but he has pretty much stated he is matching his negativity to the hype surrounding the game. Remember he started out liking the game and praising some of the mechanics. Now he is in typical Dart mode. Everything is a failure and a waste of time. Sorry Dart.
No need to apologize

If you really think I consider everything in the game a failure and a waste of time - then I guess I've not been very clear.

I've been trying to explain why the game is both fantastic and awful - actually. But I'm talking exclusively about myself - and I do appreciate that other people are very different from myself.

It's true that my first reaction after forming my opinion was overly harsh, and it WAS because of the hype. I was disturbed by how blind people seemed to be. As I said, I now understand the appeal to a much larger degree - even if I don't entirely understand the perpetual desire to praise it so much.

Your reaction is surprising - and it strikes me as needlessly unreasonable. As if you're blaming me for ultimately deciding the game isn't for me.

Are you afraid my opinion is contagious and you might catch something if you happen to agree with some of it?

I'd also encourage Fluent to try it. In terms of value for money - GW2 is a great deal almost no matter who you are.




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