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May 5th, 2013, 12:56
Hah, oh man.

Fluent can love or hate whatever he wants, who gives a fuck? A reminder:

You're going out of your way to bitch about a review without substance on a site you have nothing but disdain for.

Human nature dictates that you care about this to a degree which doesn't fit the profile of someone with actual substance - as you like to imagine substance. That kind of person would likely never bother coming here and comment on it in the first place. That kind of person certainly wouldn't go on about it like you're doing. That kind of person would be content with his own superiority and would consider debating the quality of this review a waste of his valuable time.

As in, your agenda is obvious - and your position weak.

It's really simple. If you don't like what the site has to offer - then you don't have to visit. I think it's a safe bet that RPGWatch will never come to resemble the Codex - and most of the members here are not a good match for providing what you seek.

I appreciate the fact that different people are given the opportunity to review games in their own way. Then again, I don't use reviews as some kind of truth that has to reflect my own perception of objective information.

I use them as an opinion piece - and though I prefer that people strive for objectivity - I realise how futile it would be to actually expect it.




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