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May 5th, 2013, 16:12
Originally Posted by Asdraguuhl View Post
I fully agree with Grunker here …and no, I am not a Codexer.

Ideally speaking, a site like the Watch with the reputation of being one of the leading sites for PC/Western RPG's should have "official" reviews that are beyond mere opinion pieces and should IMO be informative and sufficiently indepth in order for a reader to form a good picture of what game to expect. After all, the RPG genre is very broad covering many different types of RPGs and players have vastly different priorities and opposing tastes, particularly in this genre. When I read a review, I want to know whether the developers have emphasised those areas that I consider important in an RPG.

Sure, it is Fluent's first review and judging by his posts he certainly doesn't lack any enthusiasm and I do respect his willingness and effort of writing a review, but frankly, that alone should not be enough IMO for a representative of the Watch. After all this criticism and feedback, I do hope and expect him to put more emphasis on the informative nature in his next review.
One of the leading sites?

Is this a competition and no one told me?

Could someone point out where it says that the Watch is supposed to be in the lead of some race?

As far as I'm concerned, this is a site for RPG enthusiasts - and that's pretty much it. What I really like about the Watch - and the reason it's my favorite place to talk about games - is primarily the laid back and accepting nature of the members here. I consider most of the members mature and informed - and I really like the diversity of opinions.

I'd much rather we focus on that - instead of trying to pass judgment on each other - and trying to uphold some kind of elusive standard - the nature of which no one can articulate anyway.

However, if I'm wrong about this - and the Watch is indeed trying to "lead" somehow - I'd appreciate being informed. It would likely have a significant effect on my desire to participate.

Once again, if you have a problem with Fluent's review - then write one yourself and demonstrate how it's done. It's not like we can't write - so it's clearly an option for all of us.

Rest asssured, I'll be right here ready to comment on such a review. So - what are you waiting for?




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