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May 5th, 2013, 17:28
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
One of the leading sites?

Is this a competition and no one told me?

Could someone point out where it says that the Watch is supposed to be in the lead of some race?
That was simply my impression. But feel free to disagree.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
As far as I'm concerned, this is a site for RPG enthusiasts - and that's pretty much it. What I really like about the Watch - and the reason it's my favorite place to talk about games - is primarily the laid back and accepting nature of the members here. I consider most of the members mature and informed - and I really like the diversity of opinions.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I'd much rather we focus on that - instead of trying to pass judgment on each other - and trying to uphold some kind of elusive standard - the nature of which no one can articulate anyway.
I don't think there is anything wrong with providing feedback, even if it is negative, provided it is contructive, and I certainly don't think you are doing Fluent a favour by dismissing all negative feedback and attacking those who do.

If I must adopt the role of bad cop, so be it.
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Once again, if you have a problem with Fluent's review - then write one yourself and demonstrate how it's done. It's not like we can't write - so it's clearly an option for all of us.
My main criticism is that his review could and IMO should be more informative. In my post I do not discourage him and I do imply that he should learn and grow from this experience and improve in future reviews.

As for for me writing a review. (I actually expected such a predictable response).
I make a distinction between a forum post review and a formal RPGWatch review. For the latter, I expect a minimum standard and I do not think that I have the necessary writing skills for a proper article plus I lack the experience in writing articles. (My writing experience is limited to technical documents and papers but they are not exactly helpful in this case, are they ).

But as I said in my post, I do respect the fact that he took the time to write a review.
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Rest asssured, I'll be right here ready to comment on such a review. So - what are you waiting for?
You would love that would you? I can literally hear you sharpening your knives .

Btw, why such aggressiveness in your post?
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