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May 5th, 2013, 16:45
Originally Posted by Asdraguuhl View Post
That was simply my impression. But feel free to disagree.
I simply wasn't aware of it being a "lead site" - and it's not the kind of thing that I'm all that interested in. I don't think it makes sense to compete in such a way.

I don't think there is anything wrong with providing feedback, even if it is negative, provided it is contructive, and I certainly don't think you are doing Fluent a favour by dismissing all negative feedback and attacking those who do.
Why do you have to invent attacks to support your position?

I haven't attacked anyone here. Though I did respond somewhat in kind to that Grunker guy - but that's not an attack. I tend to avoid attacking people if I can.

Certainly haven't attacked you at all - or maybe you can point out where?

I'm not dismissing the negative feedback - I'm saying I don't think it's reasonable to prevent Fluent from reviewing games because you don't like the way he does it.

I'm not talking about you - as I did note that you weren't trying to prevent him outright.

My main criticism is that his review could and IMO should be more informative. In my post I do not discourage him and I do imply that he should learn and grow from this experience and improve in future reviews.
That's fine and I have no problem with that. I was questioning the whole "leading site" standpoint, simply because I don't think it's a good way to look at things. But that's me.

As for for me writing a review. (I actually expected such a predictable response).
I make a distinction between a forum post review and a formal RPGWatch review. For the latter, I expect a minimum standard and I do not think that I have the necessary writing skills for a proper article plus I lack the experience in writing articles. (My writing experience is limited to technical documents and papers but they are not exactly helpful in this case, are they ).
What a cop-out. Obviously, you're more than capable of articulating yourself.

You don't WANT to write a review, end of story - and that's fine. But that's also why I think being a bit more measured when going down that "we should set an example" route is worth considering. You get me?

You would love that would you? I can literally hear you sharpening your knives .
I wouldn't mind

Then again, I find that commenting on most things comes very naturally to me. It's like a compulsion.

Btw, why such aggressiveness in your post?
There's no aggression in my post.

However, I can't determine why you perceive aggression.

Maybe I come off as aggressive - but I'm uncommonly neutral in most ways. I just have an opinion and I like to speak it openly and without manipulation.

I'm sorry if that's "aggressive" to you. It isn't to me.




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