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May 5th, 2013, 20:01
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
That is a bit of understatement considering the hard work and effort that Myrthos and the rpgwatch team made to put this website on the map and make it professional and indeed leading, and I don't think that they want it otherwise. Leading not necessarily mean competition as individuals and groups could be leading in a field with courteous relationship just like the watch has with Gamebanshee for example. If 'leading' is a problem for you, you can use 'authoritative' surely as implied by the name of this web site, and hence its responsibilities.
Again, the concept of being a leader makes very little sense to me in this context.

I don't have a problem with the word, though, I just don't see things in that way.

I'm generally less obsessed with winners and losers - and I think it's quite enough to do things the way you want to, in the best way you can. There will always be supporters and detractors - and being a "leader" in such a tiny group of established RPG sites is not something I would personally concern myself with.

However, as I said - if that's indeed the goal of the people running the site, then I won't stand in their way.

I'll be quite happy not knowing who's an authority and who isn't - because it won't have any effect on my own personal opinions or my thought process.

I consider RPGWatch to be the most balanced site I know of that happens to deal with a subject very close to my heart. I generally like the members and I respect the level of information shared between us quite a bit.

That's much more than enough for me, and the work behind it is greatly appreciated. I hope it's ok that I don't think of it as a leader or an authority. No one leads or governs what amounts to the spreading of news and the exchange of opinions - as far as I'm concerned.




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