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May 5th, 2013, 20:57
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
That's fine and I have no problem with that. I was questioning the whole "leading site" standpoint, simply because I don't think it's a good way to look at things. But that's me.
Perhaps an unfortunate choice of words as it seems to have led to an unexpected strong reaction on your side.
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
What a cop-out. Obviously, you're more than capable of articulating yourself.

You don't WANT to write a review, end of story - and that's fine. But that's also why I think being a bit more measured when going down that "we should set an example" route is worth considering. You get me?
It isn't just about articulating but more about organising and structuring the article in such a way that it forms a coherent whole, which is not a trivial task. Were I to write a formal extensive review, I would try to dissect the game and address its individual RPG elements, both existent and non-existent with the purpose of trying to provide the reader with sufficient information so that he/she can conclude whether the game appeals to his/her particular RPG preferences.

Actually, writing doesn't come to me naturally and I tend to rethink and rewrite sentences a lot and the prospect of writing a lengthy indepth review, worthy of what I consider a reputable RPG site, would thus be very time consuming for me and quite a hurdle and I do fear ending up with an article that sounds too amateurish.

Another aspect that I forgot to mention is that, if I understood correctly, Focus Home provided a Steam key for a formal review. In that case, I sincerely believe that you have a certain responsability and owe it to the developer to provide a serious and indepth review.
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
There's no aggression in my post.

However, I can't determine why you perceive aggression.

Maybe I come off as aggressive - but I'm uncommonly neutral in most ways. I just have an opinion and I like to speak it openly and without manipulation.

I'm sorry if that's "aggressive" to you. It isn't to me.
It is the tone in your post that made me perceive it as somewhat aggressive.

You tend to come across as someone who is quick to go into the offensive, even if you intend to be neutral by your own saying. I guess it is a known problem with an unknown solution .
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