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May 5th, 2013, 20:17
I'm afraid I don't agree.

It has a very limited capacity when it comes to CPU and especially GPU power - and consoles are far superior in that way.

If you feel more comfortable holding a tablet in your hand - than sitting at a desk in front of your screen - then I suppose comfort will have some small relevance.

As for how it compares to other tablets - that's 100% irrelevant. I'm talking about PC as a platform for RPGs - not other tablets. To me, all tablets share the same inherent weaknesses.

Normal people would find holding a tablet for an extended period of time uncomfortable - and we're dealing with a genre that's measured in dozens of hours.

The rest of your claims are subjective nonsense - like "graphics are great", which has absolutely no objective merit. Some games are probably pretty - and some games aren't. It's a matter of artistry - not hardware capacity.

So, essentially - your position is weak and you seem borderline irrational when it comes to your preferences.

I'm using the word borderline in an effort to appear cordial.




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