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May 5th, 2013, 21:23
Originally Posted by AppleIntimidation View Post
It is more cofortable hence why its replacing netbooks and laptops for portable computing and becoming the de facto web browser at home as well. You can hold it on your lap or desk without needing an external mouse or lay down withh it and you are a moron if you think you have to hold it in the air or something you must have never used one before or played ball rolling games on it only or something if you think that. I am typing on one right now in bed and it is sitting between my lap and my bello very co fortably (iPad Mini mind you). And the specs and graphics increase every year and already have surpassed the 3ds.
I have an iPad myself - and resting it on my lap for gaming is not an option. Sure, I can use my cover to place it on my desk - but then it would just function as a hugely inferior PC with a hugely inferior touch-based interface.

If realising that makes me a moron - then I'm pretty sure you're a genius.

I'm not sure why you keep mentioning 3DS?

Do you understand what a PC is?




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