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May 5th, 2013, 22:25
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
I interpreted "No one leads or governs what amounts to the spreading of news and the exchange of opinions - as far as I'm concerned." as your indication that the function of this web site is just report news, in which case who is leading or lagging is not relevant, yes? If this is the case than you are implying that this 'watch' has no authority in making reviews as their main function is to reprot news.
That's a misunderstanding.

I'm talking about being a leader among established sites.

It has nothing to do with who's leading the site - and it has nothing to do with staying away from doing reviews.

I'm saying that it's fully possible to write quality reviews and to do quality news work - without striving for leadership among RPG sites.

In fact, I think it's completely senseless to try and determine which is a "leading site" and which is not. It depends on the audience and what it's looking for.

I don't think of people or communities as "the best" or "the worst" - I think of them as either contributing or not contributing.

I don't feel capable of measuring the objective value of any site.

For instance - I consider The Codex to be just as potentially valuable as RPGWatch. It depends on who you are - and what you're looking for.

I also consider sites like IGN or other mainstream sites potentially valuable - depending on the audience. Casual gamers will get more from IGN than they'll get from Codex or the Watch.

So, I don't use my own personal opinion or preference as some kind of objective measuring stick.




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