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May 5th, 2013, 22:40
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
That's a misunderstanding.

I'm talking about being a leader among established sites.

It has nothing to do with who's leading the site - and it has nothing to do with staying away from doing reviews.

I'm saying that it's fully possible to write quality reviews and to do quality news work - without striving for leadership among RPG sites.

In fact, I think it's completely senseless to try and determine which is a "leading site" and which is not. It depends on the audience and what it's looking for.

I don't think of people or communities as "the best" or "the worst" - I think of them as either contributing or not contributing.

I don't feel capable of measuring the objective value of any site.

For instance - I consider The Codex to be just as potentially valuable as RPGWatch. It depends on who you are - and what you're looking for.

I also consider sites like IGN or other mainstream sites potentially valuable - depending on the audience. Casual gamers will get more from IGN than they'll get from Codex or the Watch.

So, I don't use my own personal opinion or preference as some kind of objective measuring stick.
What you are saying is logical and I have no problem with that. It seems that I misunderstood your statement that you consider rpgwatch as just a news reporting site. I felt is it more than that particularly when it comes to reviews and maybe this is the expecation of others - but again that is just a personal feeling.
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