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May 5th, 2013, 21:48
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
RPGWatch is much more to me than "just" a news reporting site.

I'm simply against thinking of these things in terms of leaders/winners and followers/losers.

In general - I think modern society has an unhealthy obsession with such things - and I tend to think of human beings as fully equal in potential worth - once you take into account their background.

So, when people go around trying to measure something so intangible as the objective/universal value or position of a website - I tend to react negatively.
True, but when it comes to reviews readers think first of the 'credibility' and 'track record' of the web site, since as human beings we normally need a reference when it comes to measuring things. This particularly true if the name of the web site strongly implies proficiency in a particular genre.

Again, this might be the expectation of Mr Joe Average - you are different and aware of the strength and weaknesses of other available web sites and those that speak your language so that you can form an opinion about the validity or not of their reviews.

Anyways, I need some time now to think about your other post on the three categories!
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