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May 5th, 2013, 23:15
Originally Posted by felipepepe View Post
It is decently popular in Japan, enough to spawn 3 sequels and a boxset with them after, but japanese developers are known for being extremely autistic in regards to foreign markets.

The guy doing the translation contacted the developers and offered them the translation, so they could release on the west, maybe on Steam Greenlight or whatever, they simply said they have no interest in the western market.

I can see their point though; hardcore, turn-based dungeon crawlers are already an extremely niche group; and from my experience that niche is quite against anime graphics and all things 日本, so you're left with a game that appeals to a extremely reduced audience…
People forget the legal expenses and hassle in distributing to foreign markets. I think the comment was mainly to get rid of him as the devs don't want the headache of dealing with an unsolicited translation.

You know who is an expert at importing Japanese IP? Robert Woodhead, co-creator of Wizardry. He did an interview with you guys recently so he might be a good person to contact if he's reachable.

However, he seems bitter over his whole Wizardry experience. Who wouldn't be after a 10 year lawsuit?

I'm not sure who owns the rights to Wizardry in Japan and how they got them. Woodhead and Greenberg got the franchise stolen from them by Sir-Tech and Sir-Tech Canada which they received a 5 figure payout (they asked for 6) from the bankruptcy judge. I'm still not sure why they didn't demand the IP back since it was a license deal (ah, the early (early!) years of commercial software) not an outright purchase.

edit: oh wait, this isn't actually Wizardry!
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