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May 5th, 2013, 23:04
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Actually Richard Garriott flat out said that Ultima 4 and Ultima 7 were also inspirations for the game.
OK, I think it’s fair to say that both UO and U7 inspired SotA. However, Ultima Online was also inspired by Ultima VII… and despite the similarities and my love of U7, I despised UO.

Richard has made some contradictory statements about SotA; It will be both offline and online. It will have single player quests and be playable solo, however you will see others make their mark on the world.

Richard previously said that SotA is a small scale MMO; “tens of people” rather than tens of thousands. Yet, in the latest video he talks about everyone sharing the same world. This is a big change from UO, and was made to allow friends from all over the world to interact in one New Britannia.

Offline or not, the story IS multiplayer based; that is, the world of New Britannia has a multitude of alien visitors arriving through lunar rifts, and this will be integral to the storyline.

So, to sum things up, SotA is inspired by U7 and UO. The game will be playable offline but it will still feel like a MP game; Your avatar is not necessarily The Avatar… he is just one among many. Yes, we will have to wait and see which game ends up being more like a true Ultima… but as I've said, it just depends on what your definition of Ultima-like is.
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