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May 6th, 2013, 01:31
I will be totally honest here, I agree. Hear me out!

Now you see, back when BG was new, I LOVED it. It was the long awaited rebirth of the RPG genre, which at that time was supposed to be dead. Baldurs Gate was in it's time a hallmark and remains as one of the most favourite Top 10 game EVER. And trust me, I played a LOT of games in the last 25 years.

Still. I bought the Enhanced Version, started a few hours… and I simply could not play it anymore. Walking through those giant uneventful maps, cities or villages; wading through those hordes and hordes of mobs… it just is yesterday's gaming. I can't even 100% tell you why. But for me, it is a great jewel of the past, but something I simply can't play today. One part certainly is that I am a very visual person, and BG just doesn't have much to offer for today's standard. I know other people don't care about these things, and good for you.

But for me, I am glad I supported the Enhanced Edition, because hopefully it may revive Baldurs Gate and the D&D single player RPG genre. But I realized I just can't play such games today in 2013 anymore. If a new D&D RPG series comes, it must be more like Skyrim or Dragon Age or what. Something in 3d and ego-perspective.

Buuut… thats just me.
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