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May 6th, 2013, 01:32
Originally Posted by Vitirr View Post
Yes I would gladly pay for an enhancement graphic version of G1 and G2 just to have the excuse to play them again (though I think they're still worth playing with their old graphics).

However what I would really like is a new Gothic game in the vein of the two first. For me Risen was not a real alternative (played and finished the first but I was a bit bored just after some hours of game). Now that PB has the rights, and after some time since the release of Risen 2, perhaps there will be an announcement sometime soon. I think it would be stupid for them not to come back to Gothic now they can.

Anyone heard anything from PB after Risen 2?
I'm playing Gothic 1 rights now. With all the options turned up to max it looks decent. I'd compare it to Drakan the Ancients Gates on PS2.
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