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May 6th, 2013, 06:24
Neverwinter is D&D in setting and name only. Nothing about the game is very D&D-like. D&D never had PvP. D&D wasn't about soloing. D&D didn't have clerics with pew pew laser-like main abilities or fighters limited to one weapon type.

I grew up playing PnP D&D (starting with the paper-bound original basic rulebooks) and I've played just about every cRPG based on D&D and seriously, Neverwinter doesn't feel much like D&D at all. It takes place in a D&D setting and there's some D&D terms thrown around but the way combat and character development flows has nothing to do with D&D.

It's also F2P, which sucks. First thing I saw logging in to open beta was gold (astral diamond) seller spam. F2P ensures lots of gold sellers, crappy customer service (no money to deal with spammers for ex), and the lowest quality of players (people who don't want to pay for entertainment).

F2P also ensure pay to win, where players get neato stuff by throwing cash at the game instead of by earning it playing the game. In this case, you could pay up to 200 in advance for all kinds of pre-win (kind of odd when mmo people cry about subs yet plenty of suckers paid more than a year worth of sub to be a founder for a lackluster game that won't keep them busy for more than a few weeks or months).

D&D was always about getting a group of friends together to do content and EARN xp and rewards. In MMO terms, that'd be doing group-based PvE and earning xp and rewards. At no point in your D&D existence did you just slip your DM $20 for some phat lewt on the side.

Of course you can group and you can earn loot in Neverwinter, but since any scrub can just go thru the cash shop to get good stuff it kind of cheapens the whole thing.

Character avatars look like crap, the game looks like WoW graphics-wise without bliz' talent for low texture art but with snazzier effects, and the combat is like a weak version of TERA (target assist, have to aim into orbit to miss, very few skills available at one time, very simplistic).

There is nothing at all special about this game. It's mediocrity. It's getting some buzz because it's new, although the game in some ways is like a re-skin of RaiderZ so it's not even that remarkably fresh.

The foundry is an interesting idea but with such limited tilesets and options I don't see player authors making this game that much more interesting.

If you find Neverwinter interesting and haven't played TERA, you should just play TERA instead, because the combat, graphics, character development system, etc are vastly superior in TERA.
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