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May 6th, 2013, 13:29
I would put a 'that depends' because there are several things at play here:- the hardware in these things is actually pretty staggering. Definitely more powerful as a computer than eithr X360 or PS3. SO there is the one thing where there is a ton of computing capability to be utilized - but also that the OS will not allow for full utilization like devs can do on consoles.
I wouldn't say they're more powerful - but more comfortable for certain tasks, like surfing and reading.

You should compare it to the upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720 - as they will be the new console standard. For non-casual gaming, there will be no comparison. You can take that to the bank.

- Also, I among others have pointed out areas where the iPad is really a better experience - things like adventure games - but they are not RPGs!
I don't agree they're better experiences - but they're among the most comfortable on the platform. I get no greater pleasure in terms of the actual gaming experience. I'm VERY comfortable in front of my screen at home - and I prefer mouse/keyboard for almost everything.

But, yeah, I'm talking about RPGs in particular.

- Others have talked about turn-based, and I agree to an extent - you can think about all of the mouse-driven stuff and see how well it would work on iPad/Android tablets. But then you think about the 27 keys you have on your favorite strategy game and realize how much you would have to adapt the interface. It would be compromise loaded - oh, sure I would LOVE playing Civilization IV on iPad, but let's be realistic.
Yup, I agree.

But you're also underestimating the computer-power needed to drive a game with Civ 4-5 complexity. Those games bog down SEVERELY in the mid-late game even on the most powerful PCs.

- I think that if you look at the games that have really excelled, they all bring forward the unique interaction we have with a smartphone. We need something in a RPG that takes that same leap - in other words, something you CAN'T easily do on a PC.
I'm still waiting

I'm all for trying new things - and I'm not denying that touch-screen interfaces could potentially bring something significant and new to the table. However, especially in the case of RPGs - I think it's going to be a tiny, tiny exception.

The heart of any RPG would not be the interface - but the feature-set and the content.

And back to the hardware stuff - because we are anticipating yet ANOTHER leap in iPad hardware in the next couple of months what sense would it really make to optimize your code for one specific model? None. And that is a major issue - it is why weaker consoles can seem to perform better than beefy PCs because teams are squeezing every drop of performance out of them. For iPads, like PC, people just throw the code at the system and do a bit of general optimization.
Agreed again. Also, things evolve all the time - and no one can predict all the new platforms.

I hope Ossian's The Shadow Sun is good (and arrives soon) but my expectations are based on the ' for an iPad game' model.
It's definitely on my radar. I'm looking forward to it.

Finally why compare to the DS/PSP/ 3DS/Vita? No one here cares about those we are PC gamers, and because smartphones/tablets have taken over all growth in the computing space and most of us carry one or both we care about how oru preferred gaming can interact with these new technologies.
Sure - but my point was that I didn't mention them - and as such they're not relevant when countering.

As you can imagine - I feel the same way about those platforms - largely. Except of course that they're dedicated gaming platforms - and as such, they will tend to have better games - simply because that's what the audience will expect.




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