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May 6th, 2013, 14:37
I dont use wii u gamepad as a "second screen" but as a "main screen". Allthough it does work great as a second screen in zombie U. Inventory management & radar is great.

I love wii u gamepad off-tv feature. Its much better for playing games and watching moves and tv-series than my cellphone. I even prefer it to the bulky ipad. The only thing it lacks is in content. Wish they would add HBO soon and some rpg.

I bet that wii u gamepad is the future. Its brilliant. Instead of having one device with everything you seperate the screen & controls from the console & power source & storage. Understanding all the benefits of this is not easy so it will take time before it comes popular.

I think in future homes will have one extremely powerful central computer/console and multiple wii u gamepad style handsets that stream content from the central computer.

Its bit like cloud computing. Each handset been a browser. Its actually nothing new if you look at thin clients. History repeats itself.
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