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May 6th, 2013, 16:07
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So if I understand the plan, we TR, run the village quests solo and then park til ready to group up in the wilderness?

And we will run our current group of Friday toons for now til we hit 20. Maybe switching to new TR's now and then for a change of pace?
That was the plan, but several of us ran all of Korthos with our new guildmate on our TRv5.0 toons. So, once you TR your cleric, you can blast thru everything on Korthos and park in the harbor. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to run the harbor solo-only quests as well, but I don't think many of us have done that so far. Conveniently, Peter had already done this, so the "new plan" actually gets everybody to the same point.

As for Fridays, my intent is for us to run the lvl18's (TRv4.0) up to cap. With summer months coming and both Corwin and Reywind travelling, I'm assuming we'll get plenty of chances to play other stuff "for variety" just in the natural course of things. The trick will be getting parties together where we cover the people in the session without abandoning those that are not. I'd encourage everyone to follow Az's advice and update their rosters over in MMO. The other approach would be to do a thumbnail here similar to what I did a dozen posts back. It's probably most helpful to give an idea of what quests are needed, in process, and completed--I know that will be fairly complicated for those of you lacking proper documentation. I'll do both now just for reference.

MMO has been updated.

Botdu - lvl5 (holding 6) arcane archer - needs Sharn chain soon, started Tangles

Shadohe - lvl13 monk - needs Cursed Crypt, almost done with Desert, ready for Lordsmarch2

RhoGu - lvl16 arty - started Vale, needs Bridge chain, GH complete

Phuury - lvl24 pale master - pretty much done but can run whatever
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