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May 6th, 2013, 17:15
Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
D&D didn't have clerics with pew pew laser-like main abilities or fighters limited to one weapon type.
The game is based on 4E D&D and it has both of those things in the main book (well, the fighter thing is arguable). Now I'd agree that 4E D&D doesn't feel like "D&D" if we're talking about any other version of the game… but the classes in Neverwinter really do resemble classes from 4E.

I picked up 4E when it came out because I was curious since I've played/followed D&D since 1st edition AD&D and also the red box basic set. I referred to the build the Neverwinter cleric is based on as the "laser cleric" in discussions with friends. 4E has a very board-gamey feel with very over the top move sets for each class.

I actually like Neverwinter so far, though I find it starts to bore me if I sit at it for too long in a session. The Foundry is a mixed bag, but I've seen at least one guy who's putting up adventures with elements that are reminiscent of a tabletop game.

The stats in the game and their effects on the character are actually dependent on the class in Neverwinter in a way that isn't like 4E, though 4E did have the stat that affected your attack roll depend on what class you were/what move you were using. The ways that they implemented action points, encounter, at will and daily powers from 4E are actually quite good, imo… as far as an adaptation is concerned rather than a 1:1 carry over since the styles of games are obviously quite different. YMMV.
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