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May 6th, 2013, 17:36
A pair of nVidia 3dvision2 glasses. I already had a 120Hz monitor (which I bought because I thought the old one was dying. Honestly, I did, and for good reasons.)

My personal experiences:

1. They work very well, much better than red-blue glasses. With the RB glasses, no matter what depth settings I used, I got shadows around things, not easy to overlook. No such problem with these new glasses.

Some games work better than others, (and some don't work at all).
I've so far mostly tried them on LOTRO, SWTOR and Skyrim I had to adjust screen frequency in-game to 120Hz in all three games, and running them in a window or window-fullscreen mode didn't work.

There are some artifacts, such as the sky appearing closer than the background in Lotro. That is easy to overlook in that game. In Skyrim, there's still the problem with shadows rendered too close. But not as bad as they used to. I don't know if that's the result of patching, or that the new glasses works better.

NVidia have lists showing how well a game can be expected to run, and also settings recommended for optimal 3D experience.

2. On screen text appear close to the screen. This especially affects floating names and such, and can be disturbing, especially in crowded areas. I've turned off as much of it as I can, which helps a lot.

3. The glasses compensate intensity loss, so the screen doesn't appear darkened. That was a problem with the red-blue glasses. However, anything outside the screen (keyboard) will appear darker.

BTW: It's quite funny walking around in my den, in and out of reach of the IR transmitter.

4. No problem with flickering, except on my second monitor, sometimes I turn that one off, but it's not intolerable. The user documentation says that you may experience flickering from lamps in your room. I haven't noticed that, and anyway I keep my den fairly dark when playing.

5. No problem using the equipment with prescription glasses. However, the frame is fairly tight, using the glasses for a long time (especially if wearing headphones) is a bit painful. I think (hope) that will be a temporary problem.

6. I do look silly wearing them.

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