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Default Changing FOV in Morrowind (and few other Qs)

May 6th, 2013, 18:54
It seems one can't change the Field of Vision via the console in MW, like you can in Skyrim. At least the same console command doesn't work (e.g. fov 90). I tried set fov 90 and set fov to 90 too, but those didn't do it either. Is there a console command for changing FOV or do I have to do it through the INI file? Either way, what's the correct command for it?

I know how to change the time scale via the console, but haven't done so before and am wondering if it could mess up quests if set to non-default values. Any info on this? I'm not going to change it radically, mind you, maybe slow the time scale to half of what it is by default (i.e. drop it to 15 from 30) to make days and nights last twice as long. (Note: I'm not currently using any eat/sleep mods, like Necessities of Morrowind, which would obviously be affected by changes to time scale.)

Also, due to a change of computers, I've had to reinstall MW and all the old mods I had. I have, to the best of my knowledge, an identical mod setup, but my old (from 1-2 years ago) saves don't work on this install. I have no idea why, it's basically an identical install and setup. The same saves did work on my previous computer after a reinstall of MW, so the saves have worked on different installs and as such ought to be kosher (AFAIK). When I try to open my old save, where my character is in Gnisis, the program complains something about Gnisis file of this-and-that not found (or somesuch). COuld it be that because this is a fresh install and I have not yet set foot in Gnisis in this install (only loading a save from old install where I had), that something went belly up? Do you have any ideas how to get the old save working (I'm about 30 hrs in and wouldn't want to yet again start over)? Any help is much appreciated. Help Aranthir the Dark Elven Spellblade continue his exploits and adventures in Morrowind. Or will he be lost in the limbo of lost bytes…
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