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May 6th, 2013, 19:21
I noted that, even with a new guildy to yell at Peter, we're lacking trapper in one group. So I may just roll Rachail in the TR5 set, and run Mirys solo/outside. We have two real Clerics, and Mirys isn't built to heal anyway; I went evoker.

Mirys - Level 3 Druid, just finished solo stuff in the harbor
Rachail - Level 3 Artificer, same rank as Mirys, not sure what she's done.
Aerii - Level 8 Wizard, I think I was finishing some level 6 stuff up, but I'll have to check
Fireflash - Level 18 Fighter, needs to finish Shroud flagging, otherwise I don't care.
Mr Pump - Level 18 Artificer, Shroud flagging, holding 19 IIRC. Will likely be capped soon so we need to do anything requiring his services quickly. I'll run Fireflash mostly with th3 current TR4 group.

I hate typing on my cell. All others are Test/helpers and I can run whatever with them.
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