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May 6th, 2013, 19:53
Originally Posted by azraelck View Post
I noted that, even with a new guildy to yell at Peter, we're lacking trapper in one group. So I may just roll Rachail in the TR5 set, and run Mirys solo/outside. We have two real Clerics, and Mirys isn't built to heal anyway; I went evoker.
Yeah, I noticed that, too. I've been giving real consideration to an assassin build given the wild success several of us have had with that sort of thing, but it really didn't make sense to do that with Klubbir and those decisions were made prior to us picking up our new guildie anyway, when backup healing was more valuable.

On second thought, backup healing might be necessary after all. The new cleric is a first lifer. That means she'll out-level us in no time. She'll have to do the 2-toon dance like you did with Pump, Cairii, and Fireflash which means we'll be sans cleric #2 for some of the sessions.

I suppose I could bring Phuury down to be the assassin trap monkey and put Klubbir on ice. The only downside there is he's my last epic toon and it will be a while before I get another capped out (probably Friday toon Wouldii).
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