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May 6th, 2013, 19:02
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
I love wii u gamepad off-tv feature. Its much better for playing games and watching moves and tv-series than my cellphone. I even prefer it to the bulky ipad. The only thing it lacks is in content. Wish they would add HBO soon and some rpg.
I can appreciate your points and I have nothing against the controller itself. But my main peev is that the Nintendo controllers since the Wii have been front and center when the games should be front and center.

I've always liked Nintendo consoles because they've maintained a far greater breadth of genres verses Xbox and Playstation who's developers are particularly obsessed with the FPS genre.

But since the Wii, I've been disappointed by the lack of really good Nintendo games (there are some, don't get me wrong) and too big a focus, imho, on controllers.

Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
I bet that wii u gamepad is the future. Its brilliant. Instead of having one device with everything you seperate the screen & controls from the console & power source & storage. Understanding all the benefits of this is not easy so it will take time before it comes popular.
That may be the case and if so Nintendo certainly isn't alone with trying to do more with their consoles than just play games as the next Xbox and Playstation are weighing in at the $500 price point in order to offer more computing and video/movie features.

The only thing is, at the $500 price point you can buy a pretty decent office PC, upgrade the video card for $150, and simply have a full-fledged PC that will likely meet the same visual and performance ability of the consoles on release. A tempting proposition for those who understand the power and flexibility of the PC over consoles.
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