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May 6th, 2013, 21:33
My level 3 fighter has not yet done the harbor solo quest. He was parked once he arrived in Stormreach. I can quickly go ahead and do the level 2 solo quests. The level 3 solo quest I want to do at level 4.

Remember that we have have less that full groups on our new TR's. Usually we will have 8 people joining and that is 2 teams of 4 each. So we can rely upon cleric hirelings to get us through the quests. It works up to the Vale with a few exceptions.

I suggest you work on Klubbir, Dte. Keep Phuury at the epic levels so you have someone to play on the days we will run epic. Remember the U18 coming out this Summer. There are new epic quests there and an increased level cap.

We will manage with the toons we have. Flerida's cleric can help us in the critical quests where we need a real cleric. Cm's Kerriakan will be our main cleric. Your Klubbir will be able to do support healing too.

I can use a rogue hireling in my groups so we have a good trapper. There are only a few quests where you really have to disable the trap box at the other side. In such circumstances we can have help from the trapper we have in our group by doing the quest twice.

I think we can benefit a lot by having Mirys as a druid in one of the groups. The class is very strong and we get another caster (Jo's sorcerer the other). In some quests you need AOE damage. But it's up to Azraelck to decide whether he wants an artificer or druid as the new TR toon.
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