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May 6th, 2013, 22:37
I think that what we will play on Friday will depend on who will show up. I think it's good to find toons to play so nobody have to be playing alone. If Flerida shows up then I think it's good to play the low levels. If not we can work on the level 18's. Also remember that we have to decide what to do when Corwin and Reywind are on their trip to Canada. We should be able find some toons to work on that means we won't leave anyone behind.

If we work hard on getting our current toons to 20 we might hit 20 before Corwin is away. Epic quests aren't hit as much by bravery bonus penalty so we can work on them even if some are left behind. We won't run epic elite anyway and they can catch up when back since you won't lose XP by being some levels behind at epic levels.
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