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May 6th, 2013, 22:44
This is the status of my toons.

KarlPeter - level 3 half elf fighter / paladin - stalwart defender. Just entered Stormreach and ready to do level 2 harbor quests. TR2 so parked to wait for Friday runs

Petresus - level 6 half orc monk - Shintao light. Ready to do level 4 quests like Sharn syndicate. Done with level 3 quests.

Pitrelon - level 8 warforged artificer. Ready to do level 6 quests. Done Necro 1 and Delera to get the voice of the master.

Rolfpeter - level 15 dwarf cleric. Evoker. TR2. Done a few Gianthold walkup quests. Need to finish then to take level 16 and do the Gianthold flagging quests.

Peters - level 18 human fighter / paladin - kensei. TR2. Friday toon. Doing Shroud runs while waiting for Friday runs.

Peterp - level 23 dwarf cleric - evoker. TR2. Flagged for Caught in the WEB. Need the Epic Gianthold quests and the latest quests in Forgotten Realms. Can play anything. Almost level 25. Parked to run epic stuff waiting for Update 18. Will not TR for quite some time. Currently my only epic toon.
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